Crisp and sweet broccoli in 3 mins

|3 minutes for crisp and sweet broccoli|

There are many steam dishes in the Chinese cuisine but as for veggies, we don’t usually steam them.

Steaming veggies are more like a western way to cook the veggies, as for Chinese, they like to stir fry or boil the veggies instead.

A lot of Chinese mistakening steaming and boiling veggies are the same, the difference is steaming retains nutrients in the veggies, whereas boiling may draw the nutrients out from the veggies into the water.

Most veggies do not require long cooking time, the simplest easiest is steaming broccoli, it only takes no more than 3 minutes to make this nutritious veggie.

No oil, salt, soy sauce or any kinds of seasoning are needed for the sweet and crisp taste of broccoli.

Steaming broccoli is actually one of the best garnishing veggies in many Chinese dishes!







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