Homemade BBQ pork in 3 mins

|Homemade char siu (bbq pork) in 3 mins|

Chinese bbq pork is probably one of the most popular take out/dine in dish worldwide, but it isn’t so difficult if you want to make your own.

Original char siu sauce or better known as the chinese bbq sauce is pretty complicated, so to make this more encouraging to the singles out there for more home cooking.

Supposedly when you purchase ready-to-cook sauce like that from the grocery store, you would expect to just add, mix and cook with it, instead of following the recipe provided on the jar, i modified my own for less saltiness and darker colour.

What you need:
– about 1lb of boneless pork shoulder chop
– 2 tbsp of lee kum kee char siu sauce (bbq pork sauce)
– 2 tsp of honey
– 1tbsp of dark soy sauce

What you do:
1. to make successful char siu at home, buying the right piece of pork is crucial. select great marbling boneless pork shoulder chop with each thickness of about an inch, size about your palm. the fattier it is the juicier it gets, but of course pick the ones with more even distribution of fat.
2. mix char siu sauce, honey, dark soy sauce together with the meat and store in the fridge for about 4-5 hours.
3. line the oven rack with a piece of foil (unless you want enless washing), bake at 400F for about 30-40 mins, cut and serve.

p.s. keeping the meat in the same place inside the oven without turning or moving it will give you better cameralization.

I baked my char siu with a small toaster oven, and i find that it’s actually better than using the big oven since the small one has more concentrated heat in a small enclosed area.








-約1磅無骨猪前腿肉豬扒 (boneless pork shoulder chop)

1.挑選肥瘦均勻或者較多肥膏/雲石紋的無骨猪前腿肉豬扒 ,這樣才可以做出半肥瘦叉燒。太瘦的豬扒煮熟之後會太乾,所以最好選購每一塊厚度大約半寸至一寸左右,每塊大小如手掌,有雲石紋,比較肥的無骨猪前腿肉豬扒 。

p.s. 焗叉燒期間無需要反轉,否則到最後兩面因為經常翻覆烤架焗,最後兩面都不會有美味的香烤焦糖部分啊!


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  1. Day's Lee says:

    It looks delicious! I will have to try it.


  2. Looks amazing! I think my friends will like it! Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think it works great on barbecues too! It would be a great dish to serve on a summer BBQ party!


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