Thai inspired fried rice in pineapple bowl

|Thai inspired fried rice in pineapple bowl|

Many Asian cuisines love to use the fruit bowl the container for the dish, for example many Thai restaurant would use a coconut shell as a bowl for curry and a pineapple shell for fried rice.

What you need:
– 1 pineapple
– some seafood like shrimps, squids depending what you like
– 2 bowls of left over rice (freshly cooked rice are too moist and soft)
– 3 tbsp diced fresh pineapple
– half zucchini, brunoised or 3 tbsp peas (or any green brunoised vegetables)
– 3 tbsp shredded dried pork
– 2 tbsp fish sauce
– some sugar
– 1tbsp brunoised ginger
– some rice wine
– some lime juice
– 1 small red chili (for garnishing)

What you do:
1. check out previous video about how to make a pineapple bowl and prepare a pineapple bowl
2. loosen left over rice from the fridge from hard chunks
3. heat the wok/pan, pour some oil to stir fry the ginger then seafood, and pour rice wine while it’s sizzling
4. then begin to fry the rice and add fish sauce, sugar as well as pineapple and other vegetables the very last to ensure they are fresh and crisp (that way will also avoid overcooking vegetables and release moisture to the fried rice)
5. prepare fried rice in the pineapple bowl, squeeze some lime juice, garnish with shredded dried pork and small chili

p.s. you can also add chopped green onions or other green herbs in the fried rice, or garnish and mix the fried rice with basil at the end for a more enhanced thai flavour.
you can also add half carrot or any red coloured vegetable too!

* basil is a very delicate herb that cannot be cooked in high heat, therefore it can only be mixed after heat for a good strong basil taste.




-半條意大利青瓜粒或3湯匙青豆 (或者任何綠色蔬菜)


p.s. 配菜方面可以加入蔥粒或者其他香菜,最後還可以加九層塔做裝飾和拌飯,這樣就更有泰味。


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  1. That’s how I serve up my Thai pineapple fried rice too, lol. No need to wash extra dishes! 😉


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