How to choose your Korean BBQ sauce?

If you’re going through some post-long weekend syndrome and are still trying to get things back on track, or at least make yourself a dinner tonight, try this lazy easy Asian recipe.

Korean BBQ sauce may be an option other than teriyaki sauce, if you are so into the Asian twist for your meat. The best is to pair this Korean BBQ sauce with beef ribs or galbi, just marinate it before you head to work and take it out to the oven and roast after you come home, there goes your easy lazy juicy beef ribs.  Check out how I make make my Galbi stew.

There are many different brands available in the supermarket, and these marinated sauce often contains a lot of addictives, MSGs and are also high in sodium, but i found this brand has no MSGs and not-so-high in sodium compare to other brands.

Most importantly is, you are able to pronounce all the ingredient names!






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