The little Santorini just 3 hours away from Seoul

There are a few staycation spots near Seoul that you should definitely include in your list if you’re planning to visit in the summer.


I wrote about the sea water tofu near the East Korean Sea earlier, just nearby also close to Pyeong Chang where the 2018 Winter Olympic is going to take place hides the little Santorini resort, and it’s only about 3 hours away from Seoul!


Sol Beach Samcheok actually featured in a recent kdrama big hit My Secret Romance.  There are numbers of restaurants and water parks in the resort, and to make transportation more convenient for visitors, they actually offer free shuttles from Jamsil.


But if you’re taking the bus on your own from East Seoul bus terminal is about 3 hours and cost around 17,400 won.


For more info, check out here!

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早期有看過人氣韓劇《焦急的羅曼史》就會被第一二集,猶如在希臘Santorini小白屋取景的度假屋所吸引到,原來那個就是在三陟的Sol Beach大明渡假村。




Sol Beach 三陟(쏠비치 삼척)


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