[shopping] Where can you shop reasonable priced organic Chinese vegetables?

I have conducted an Asian grocery shopping tour earlier at a local Chinese supermarket with two participants.  It was indeed a very interesting idea exchange experience.


My two participants are definitely rookies in Chinese cooking, and they were definitely amused on how many Chinese herbs and veggies we use in our everyday cooking; that includes – ginger, garlic, scallions, shallot and parsley.


In Toronto, you can find all of the above conventional stocks at almost any local supermarket, not just Chinese or Asian, however if you want to look for organic ones you can certainly visit Whole Foods or local organic grocery stores.  Other than these five root vegetables that are widely used in Chinese cooking, other organic Chinese veggies that are great for stir fry and noodle soups like Bok Choy or baby Bok Choy can also be found at Whole Foods too.


Check out my Simple Stir Fry 101 post here! Or make your own ginger fried rice to warm your winter up!


The price for ginger and garlic is definitely fair, sometimes even cheaper than Walmart because Whole Foods and local grocery stores often sell in bulk!


Others can be a bit pricier than conventional ones but at least you have an option now!



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