[making] What to look for when you purchase small kitchen appliances in Asia?

Shopping in Asia is not only limited to clothes, novelty items, animes, and beauty supplies.  When I visit to Taiwan and Japan, in particular I'm always attracted to check out small kitchen appliances. I've bought mini grill, nagashi somen (流しそうめん) machine, travel cookers, blenders and more in Japan.  I was all thrilled and excited until…


[travelling] Should I rent a WiFi device or buy a sim card to get online?

Choose wifi egg or SIM card when travel to Asian

[Tokyo] What else to buy in Tokyo — LED Ceiling Lights!

Whenever I visit Japan, we don't just shop the ordinary goods like snacks, clothes, anime products, I shop electronics. When I visited Japan last year, I've got a dual voltage Panasonic Nano hair dryer and eye massager, and this time I got something bigger --- LED ceiling lights. While I was shopping for hairdryer last…

[Tokyo] Where is the most convenient area to stay when you visit Tokyo?

Best location hotels to stay in Tokyo

[Tokyo] Low carb ramen in Tokyo for the low carb diets!

I have started on a casual low carb diet since October 2018 and realized it has been quite difficult for most of the Asians -- when noodles, rice, buns plays a major role in our every meal -- but in order to cater a diversified group of foodies, there are now more alternatives to choose…