Cane sugared azuki beans

|cane sugared azuki beans|

This is a great asian dessert partner that goes so well with almost anything like ice cream, crepes, mochi, etc.

The best is to use larger red beans like azuki beans to make the bean paste, however it may take a lot longer to cook as the azuki beans are bigger than usual red beans.

Best is to first soak the azuki beans in water overnight, then cook it with water and cane sugar. if you want to keep the shape of the azuki beans instead of mashing it, be gentle when you stir while cooking.

One reminder is to cook with low heat to avoid burning.

recipe to consider:
– azuki beans 150g
– water 600ml
– cane sugar half stick



自製紅豆餡料首先需要比較大粒稱為azuki beans的日本紅豆。因為由於比較大粒所以烹煮時間需要更長,建議先浸水一晚然後利用大約紅豆4倍份量的水和片糖煮成蓉。



-紅豆 150g
-水 600ml
-片糖 半條

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