[cooking] Low carb fresh cream roll cake

Low carb healthy no sugar dessert cake


[wellness] 5 ways to keep your feet warm for a good night sleep

5 ways to keep your feet warm for better sleep

[cooking] Easy chunky turnip caked

Turnip cake is another must-have item like the year cake nin go during Chinese New Year time. It can be served in two ways, steam or pan fry, and they are also available in some of the Chinese restaurant in their all-year-around dim sum menu. I modified this recipe for a perfect bite size with…

[making] What to look for when you purchase small kitchen appliances in Asia?

Shopping in Asia is not only limited to clothes, novelty items, animes, and beauty supplies.  When I visit to Taiwan and Japan, in particular I'm always attracted to check out small kitchen appliances. I've bought mini grill, nagashi somen (流しそうめん) machine, travel cookers, blenders and more in Japan.  I was all thrilled and excited until…

[eating] Most updated Mississauga Asian food map

The holiday season is approaching and many are planning on a staycation in Niagara/shopping at the Premium Outlet or to cross the border for a shortcation; and my map to find good Asian eats on your way out from Niagara and the US back to Canada is out! I have included some of my recommendations…